2002 99 Schedule

From: Floyd Busby


CONCORD, CA., SEPT. 6: Floyd Alvis, already assured of his sixth midget driving championship with the Bay Cities Racing Association, also has come home the winner of the ten-race Stealth Contingency Award for BCRA car owners. The winner of the contingency program had the choice of a Stealth basic dirt kit, valued at $3,050.00, or one half off the price of a Stealth pavement deluxe kit, a $3,575.00 value. Alvis has elected to accept the pavement midget chassis kit. "This is really great. I've been running Stealths for a number of years, five or six of them. I've been very happy with Stealth over the years", Alvis stated. The special contingency program was instituted by Stealth Western States Distributor Marc DeBeaumont, headquartered in Concord, California. DeBeaumont came up with the contingency program to further promote his distribution business. The past BCRA and USAC champion competed in only a handful of races as a driver this season, electing instead to help new Stealth owners in setups at the racing venues. The contingency program included races at the Shasta Speedway, Reno-Fernley Raceway, Lakeport Speedway, Placerville Speedway and the Santa Maria Speedway, with two events at the Watsonville Speedway and three at the Stockton "99" Speedway. The final eligible event was on August 31 at the Stockton facility. Blind draws were administered with points earned in qualifying, heat races and main events, plus additional appearance points. Among the 35 car owners who participated, Alvis was perhaps the luckiest, almost always earning points for finishing positions that corresponded with the blind draw. The owners and divers did not know what positions had been drawn prior to the racing events. The Bay Cities Racing Association appreciates the contingency program instituted by Marc DeBeaumont and Stealth. TOP-FIVE POINTS: Floyd Alvis 86, Jeff Trout 53, Bill Lindsey 52, Ken Molica 35, Alan Haugh 33.


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