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   DeVore Motorsports would like to thank everyone that tried to help our
driver Saturday night.  Safety crews, officials, crew members and even
drivers from other teams rushed to Buzz's aid.  Everyone was given a scare
and if it weren't for the help that Buzz received he wouldn't have made it
out of the car without being seriously burnt. 

    We've received several calls with concern as well as prayers and we can't
thank anyone enough for helping and caring.  I learned first hand Saturday
night that the racing community truly is a big family.  No matter how much we
argue, fight and compete, when one of us is in need everyone comes out to
help.  Sometimes we forget that we are all there to have fun and put on a
good show for the fans.  We become bitter and judgmental, we only care about
how our team is doing, until someone is hurt or needs help.  And then no one
hesitates to help and show concern. 

    Buzz is at home and healing quickly, he's already started looking at new
and improved chassis to replace the one he fought with for so many weeks to
no avail.  He is very eager to get back on the track. 

    That's about it, I've rambled on enough already.  I just wanted to
express our teams gratitude and hoped that you would be able to share this on
the net.

    Chris DeVore   

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