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Bristol Motor Speedway

August 22, 2002

Mike Harmon Accident

Photos Courtesy of Shelly DeCaro, Motorsports Management Group

Thanks to BGNRacing.com and thatsracing.com.

We've spent a lot of time dealing with tragedy lately, and it's finally good to report an accident at a track that didn't involve a death. Mike Harmon crashed into Turn 2 today at Bristol in practice for qualifying. He hit in the exact spot of the gate that allows access to the infield. The gate wasn't properly secured and opened. This caused his car to shatter. He walked away with only a bruised side. Amazing.


Also check for a interview with Mike Harmon http://www.bgnracing.com
Here is the NASCAR Online Story....

Harmon walks away after spectacular crash

By Marty Smith, Turner Sports Interactive August 22, 2002 2:32 PM EDT  (1832 GMT)

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- NASCAR Busch Series driver Mike Harmon was involved in aspectacular crash Thursday at Bristol Motor Speedway, after posts required to secure the Turn 2 gate were not put in place. Amazingly, Harmon emerged from the wreckage unscathed aside from a bruise on his right side. Workers assist Mike Harmon from the wreckage. Credit: Auto stock Harmon was entering Turn 2 some 10 minutes into the weekend's first practice when officials said he blew a right front tire, sending him hard into an outside wall that doubles as a crossover gate. http://www.nascar.com/2002/news/headlines/bg/08/22/mharmon_crash/index.html Go see the pictures. Amazing.

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