2001 Schedule


Was held January 13th, 2001 at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, Bldg. #1 in Stockton. It featured Street, Drag Strip and Oval track equipment and race cars for sale as well as Race Car Builders, Race Car Parts Suppliers and Machine Shop Operators. You not only could by any part at a great discount, you could find out from thr "pros", how and the best way to install it.
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                       Fred Kuntz                      Dick Carter talks to Jim Shiels       Jeff Gordon's Grandma, Doris Gordon
Put on by Fred and Pam Kuntz, there were 40 venders, 100 available total spaces in the Fairgrounds indoor 24,000 square foot facility. Over 700 people paid $5.00 apiece to look at and buy Diecast collectables from The 99 Speedway Souvenir Store booth as well as get a wonderful breakfast or lunch from Royce's BBQ. Doris Gordon, (Jeff's grandma and frequent visitor to 99) was there and let it be known that Jeff was going to co-host Regis this week! You could try on and buy uniforms and driving equipment  from Racer Dan or any parts, tires, even check out the new division to 99 this year, a lifesize "Baby Grand" racecar on display.
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Not only buying and selling was going on. The best part was the visiting and story swapping between competitors. For example, the Strmiskas' had a booth next to Eric Holmes and the Belletto's. Just about every form of racing was represented. Here's a list of who's who's from 99 including:Steve Stacy,Sammy Solari, Ron & Ron Jr. Strmiska, Jeff and Steve Belletto, Eric Holmes,Troy Ermish,John Gaalswyk, Perry Sauro from our Late Model Division, Gene Welch, Barry Callouette and Dave Davis and Rosebud Riley from our GAM division plus other racers: Jeff Lovelace (pro stock this year), Doug Lane, Fred Clement (Gam), Richard Harper,(PS),  and Steve Portenga, (2x Southwest Tour Champion and 3rd place finisher in Winston West  the last 2 years). Other past and present 99ers and officials Vern Vincelet, Ron Roach, Earl & Nancy Sommers, Jim and Jo Shiels, Greg Rayl and our videographer Alan Yordy. Pete Paulsen from Delta Speedway was on hand selling tires and parts, but a special treat, especially for any long time fan of 99 was the booth with Jack McCoy selling and autographing his book, "The Real McCoy". Watching past and present
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              Jack McCoy             Autographs!       Dick Carter & Jack   John Unger gets a signed book
drivers, owners and fans come up to Jack and get the book and autograph made the time fly by as stories were swapped and memories re-lived. Joining Jack and hustling his book for him was NASCAR'S oldest active driver and past 99 champion, Dick Carter.
Jack McCoy's book will be available online here soon and at 99 Speedway Souvenir Store. (209) 477-1238. Watch for the announcement.

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