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The New Stockton 99 Speedway Media Release – 5-07-2011           

Media Relations – David Holman

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On Mother’s Day Weekend J. Tucker, Miller,
J. Belletto, Czub, Lewis and Wendt Celebrated Victorious

The New Stockton 99 Speedway Media Release – 5-11-2011
Media Relations – David Holman 

On May 7 th, The New Stockton 99 Speedway Presented Whelen All American Night, which featured Western Late Model Twin 50's, Grand American Modifieds, Super Stocks, Bombers, and Legends of the Pacific.  What a great mixture of speed and ability each Division produced on this night.  And, the 2000 fans in the stands had no problem showing their appreciation for another great night of racing at the storied venue.

The Western Late Model Twin #1 was nearly a shocker, but when the checkers pierced the thick, Winterlike air, it was a usual suspect who came in the form of  second generation driver Jeff Belletto (12x) of Modesto, that scorched the finish line ahead of the extremely talented field.

With the green flag waving, and Jeff Belletto and third generation driver and nephew Nic Belletto (15), also of Modesto, sharing honors on the front row, the intensity in this one picked up immediately with J. Belletto grabbing the holeshot down in to turn one where he would hold strong until lap 11 when Bobby Butler (3) of Sacramento went spinning between turns one and two and brought the first yellow along for the ride.  Unfortunately, after further review, Brentwood's Doff Cooksey (75) was awarded tail-end of the longest line for his participation in the incident.  On the lap 11 restart, J. Belletto once again took the reins and controlled this race in masterful fashion until lap 28 when Cooksey (75) and 2006 Champ Guy Guibor (61) of Manteca made contact through three and four which brought with it the second slow-down of the night.  On the restart, J. Belletto assumed the number one slot, but three laps later on lap 31, the race was slowed for the final time when Brandon Trevethan (4) of Galt lost it down the backstretch and landed on top of the turn three safety tires sending one careening out into harm's way which sent the red flag flying.  On the final single-file restart, J. Belletto would have all things his way as he ran off to the checkers, unencumbered of challenges, for his second win of the new Season.  Nephew Nic (15) would make it stick this time out as he drove a steadfast race onto the podium as runner-up.  Mr. All-Everything Dave Byrd (78) of Seaside, solid as always, drove her onto the podium in third.  Lodi's Michael Wendt (2), after suffering difficulties last race, made a great comeback in finishing fourth, while Modesto's Mike Beeler finished up in fifth.

Twin #2 produced yet another tenacious, action-packed race with Lodi's Michael Wendt (2) climbing to the top step of the podium after the checkered flags flew above the slick asphalt surface.

The invert of twelve off Twin #1 landed Doff Cooksey (75) of Brentwood and Bobby Butler (3) of Sacramento on the first row to get this one underway.  And, with the green in sight coming off turn four, and the front two already beating and banging, Cooksey got the great jump on the outside and beat the field down in to turn one.  Cooksey would endure no less than six more restarts due to some very aggressive racing throughout the field, throughout this race until just prior to the final restart on lap 46, Cooksey turned right, out the turn three exit with a flat tire.  This moved everyone up a spot and Wendt inherited the number one slot which he happily accepted and he made the very most out of it with a great jump on the restart which took him through to the checkers and claimed his first win of the year.  "It was unfortunate for Doff (Cooksey) to get that flat," said the well-mannered Wendt, "I was really looking forward to that last restart and battling with him, but that's how races go sometimes, and I'll take the win."  It was an absolutely great night having Greg Potts (55x) of Stockton back out in a Late Model racing against his son, Colby, but even better was Greg crossing the finish line in second.  It was nice to see the "old guy" still has some fire in his tank.  J. Belletto didn't fare as well as in the first twin, nonetheless, he worked his way up from P12 to the podium in third for a great points night for the Modesto driver.  Modesto's Mike Beeler (6) had a consistent night in finishing fourth in this one after a fifth in the first, while 2009 WLM Champ Justin Philpott (05) of Tracy hung in there to round out the top five.  Unfortunately for Cooksey, he had to know this one got away when he suffered the heartbreak of a flat tire with four to go which relegated him to an eleventh place finish.

The Grand American Modifieds returned to action for their second race of the year.  And, as usual, they showcased some great driving talent inside these powerful open-wheel monsters.  However, on this night, once again, driving sensation Wes Miller (57) of Turlock would rise to the top as he crossed beneath the checkers to Victory for his second win in a row.

This one got going rather quickly with Nicholas Lyons (11x) of Lincoln pacing the field to green and Rick Andersen (11a) of Citrus Heights out to the right already rubbing tires.  And, just as quickly as this one got underway, it was slowed when, on lap 1, the #1 of Tracy's Scott Lynch and Stockton's own Leroy Hunt (63) mixed it up down the backstretch, tangling into the wall up in turn three and bringing with them the first caution period of the race.  Hunt would rejoin the race, but Lynch would not fare so well as his night was put to rest almost before this one got up to speed.  On the restart, Miller laid claim to that all-important prime real estate out front and, despite having to deal with a couple more yellows and a red, the #57 would out-run the field, driving the remainder of the race mostly in his own, personal time zone as he chewed away at the sticky asphalt until the only thing left was to take a big bite out of the checkered flag.  And so he did, with a side of yellow as this one finished under checkered/yellow. This win would be Miller's second in a row, leaving him perfect so far on the year.  "We've done a lot of work on this car this year," said Miller, a man of few words, "The car is getting better but we still have a ways to go.  I would like to thank all my sponsors for supporting our efforts."  To entitle Miller's domination is not to say this race went on without excitement, because it did, in the form of a three-car battle over second place.  Finally, with the dust settled, it would be Jason Philpot (15a) of Sacramento standing on the second tier of the podium.  Lyons and Andersen would battle over the third spot throughout the race's entirety, which to most was the best race of the night.  However, when all was done, Andersen nabbed the podium spot in third with Lyons still in sniffing distance in fourth.  Santa Rosa's Andy Vanderveer had a solid run which led him to a fifth place finish.

The Super Stocks have put together some stunning races this year, and tonight would be no exception.   Ben Lewis II (22) of Stockton would put on a terrific show of car control in winning his second of the year.

Sitting P1 and P2 on the grid, Ken "The Rat" Ratcliff (32), now of Modesto and Garland Tyler (73), most certainly of West Modesto got this one rolling around to the start, but a three-car entanglement between three and four would call for a complete restart.  And, on the complete restart, Tyler would jump out early to stake his claim to that much-coveted number one slot out front until lap 10 when Mike Graham (93) of Hughson looped it low in turn two which brought with it the second yellow Tyler didn't want to see.  And, of course, true to form, Lewis sped to the lead on the restart only to be slowed on lap 12 when 2010 WLM Champ Chad Holman (75) of Manteca and 2010 Bomber Champ Travis Tucker (53) of Stockton made contact through the middle of one and two and the yellow flew high in the night sky.  On the lap 12 restart, Lewis got another great jump and took control of the direction this race would flow.  Over the last eighteen laps, Lewis had plenty of company gnawing and clawing at his back bumper that took the form of Jason Aguirre (45) of Atwater.  Unfortunately for Aguirre, it appeared Lewis had saved just enough car to hold off the extremely aggressive #45 until there was nothing left to haggle over as Lewis crossed beneath the checkers with Aguirre's teeth still dug in to the back bumper of the #22.  This would be Lewis' second win this year.  "Thanks to everybody for showing up," said the quiet-mannered Lewis, "Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers."  Of course, Aguirre finished second with Livermore's Mark Squadrito (3), albeit distant, finishing on the podium in third.  Points Leader Rich Harper (5) of Stockton, after a hard-fought battle throughout, managed a fourth with Tyler slipping back, if only slightly, to finish in the top five.

In the Bomber Division, Jeremy Tucker (351) of Stockton flexed his muscles early in the day and proved he was the one who had to be reckoned with in the Main Event.  His strength proved too overpowering for his competitors to overcome as he crossed the stripe in convincing fashion.

Tucker grabbed the pole in this one with Uncle David Tucker (350), also of Stockton, high and outside already grinding at his right side door handle coming off four to the green.  With a fantastic jump, J. Tucker secured the early lead coming back around to complete lap one where he held service over the field in commanding order over the next twenty-three laps until lap 24 when Stockton's Tony Karsting (312) lost a rear wheel going off into turn three which, without doubt, caught the immediate attention of the flagman who then sent the yellow flag flying high above the racing surface.  That would, fortunately, be the only caution of the race.  On the ensuing restart, J. Tucker assumed his all-too-natural position out front and rode off to the checkers for the lopsided, wire-to-wire victory.  "I didn't have a great car to start with," said Tucker, "I started driving the wheels off it, that's about all I could do."  Uncle David Tucker would hold-on tight to that number-two spot in only the second Main Event of his career.  Mike Massone (007) of Stockton, after catastrophe struck earlier in the Trophy Dash, finished on the podium in third in a borrowed car.  Andrew Rumsey (043), another Stockton driver, had a solid run in finishing fourth, while Robert Dueck (819) from parts unknown rounded out the top five.  Bobby Simpson (819T) of Stockton, Points Leader coming into this event, received a severe blow to his Points Standings after being issued a disqualification following the Main Event.

The Legends of the Pacific, as always, put on another great show with Robby Czub (05) of Rocklin reaping the winner’s share of the spoils in grand fashion.

This one got up to speed with cousins, Keith Clement (8) and Fred Clement (58), both of Stockton, sharing the front row and bringing the sixteen-car field around to greet the green.  Fred got the great forward bite up high as is the case on most starts at the Speedway and drove her to the lead only to be slowed on lap 4 when Jessica Walker (21) of San Ramon looped going off into turn three which brought out the first yellow of the race.  On the restart, F. Clement, once again, gained control of the fresh air out front only to be displaced one lap later by the #74M of Brisbane's Luis Tyrell who had worked his way up from P5 on the starting grid.  Tyrell would hold court over this excitement-filled race until lap 33 when he sputtered off turn two and Robby Czub (05) pounced on the opportunity unwillingly handed to him by Tyrell.  Czub, a great driver in every respect, took it to the house for the Victory after working the field from P8 on the grid.  "These cars might not seem like much, but they are a handful to handle," said the always polite young Czub, "I would like to thank all my sponsors, family and friends, and everybody for coming out tonight.  Happy Mother's Day.  This one's for you, Mom."  Tony Mangini (7) of Benicia ran a marvelous race, which paid dividends in a second place finish.  Tyrell, after leading most of the race before the lap 32 sputter, did manage to hold onto a podium finish in third.  Cody Berger (63) of Tracy finished a strong fourth, while Walker, after her earlier mishap, fought her way back to a fifth place finish.

Mark your calendars for next Saturday, May 14 th, when Stockton 99 Speedway presents "Whelen All American Series" - City of Lodi Night Presented by Alamo Alarm Company
featuring Super Stocks in Twin 40's, Grand American Modifieds, Bombers, Basically-4- Cylinders, Mini Trucks, and Mini Cups.

Attn. Visitors; Rooms available at Stockton 99's New Official Hotel!

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