Rules in effect this season call for 307 cubic inch motors to be used, which are basically derived from de-stroked 327 inch models, as the popular Chevy Nova's remain the car of choice by most drivers.

The track is treated twice this season by the appearance of a true super star in the form of Winston Cup driver Bobby Allison. Allison finishes third behind Ron Lyon and Phil Tilbury on April twenty-ninth, and returns to run again on August twelfth, to finish sixth in Tilbury's racer.

A young eighteen-year old driver from San Carlos by the name of Eddy Dyer picks up his first career feature win and goes on to collect the Rookie of the year honors in Late Model competition.

Ron Strmiska has a stellar season with six fast times and six feature wins, while Barry Mitchell picks up five dash wins, to make a season total of eighteen overall wins the high water mark. Boyd starts to show his power by picking up eighteen main top five finishes. Strmiska claims the first of two track championships, finishing ahead of Boyd and Mitchell. George 'The Racing Mailman' of Newman takes the semi main title.

Chuck Silbertson of Stockton wins six dash events, but the rest of the top numbers fall to defending Hobby division champion Jose Aispuro who turns in seven fast times, seven feature wins, fifteen main top five runs, and eleven total wins to collect his second straight crown. Bill Moore of Modesto, Paul Martin of Hughson, and John McCullom of Stockton are also among the top runners this year.



Opening day this year turns into a disaster as the main event takes to the track under dark clouds. Just as the field takes the green flag, a sudden downpour hits across the first turn and Buzz Devore of Stockton, Lyon, Gillit, Strandwold, and three others slam together into the first turn wall bringing a red flag and the first cancellation of a race in the seven years of Late Model history.

Track records are a dime a dozen this season with Norman David becoming the first Late Model driver into the 14 second bracket on May twelfth, posting a clocking of 14.934. Lyon picks up two speed records, and David gets three more before the final mark by David of 14.438 on August 18th. Paul Martin of Hughson keeps the action going in the Hobby ranks with four speed records on the season, and a best of 15.780 in his Dodge Charger, also on August 18th.

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