Duane Borovec takes official charge of Stockton's track management this season, and the half mile track in the Tracy hills re-opens as Altamont Raceway Park to attempt to beat the old foe 'Mr. Weather'. John Moreland takes over the Chief Steward position, and is replaced on the flagstand by Randy Eaton, with help from Kevin Young. Ken Garcia takes over the head scoring duties, and new faces in the pit area include John and Sheri Nelson, Becky Passalaqua, John Blackwell, and Craig Mastropierro.

A silent cheer went up this season from local race fans as Ernie Irvan climbed back into a car at North Wilksboro to run seventh fast and finish sixth in the event.

Wes Miller popped the only speed mark of all three divisions this year with a 14.887 posting on July 8th.

Eric Holmes notched six fast times to led the late models, with thirteen drivers each taking a share of the dash wins. Philpott had six feature wins and fourteen overall wins, but Harry Belletto piled up a strong total of seventeen main top five finishes. After twenty straight season's of Stockton competition, and more second place point runs than he'd care to mention, Belletto takes a season championship, followed in the points by Philpott, and the best career finish to date, third place run by Stockton's John Unger. John Gaalswyk and Bob Strandwold also pile up impressive stat numbers for the 95 season.

Paul Guthmiller of Manteca gets to kiss the most trophy girls in Grand Am action at six, but the remaining stats fall to Wes Miller, as he ties a division record with eighteen fast times, and notches ten feature wins, twenty main top five finishes, and fourteen overall wins to claim the season crown ahead of Cole Tiwater of Modesto, and Guthmiller. Doug Turpen and Tracy's Howard Hoffman are not far behind in the yearly action.

Veteran driver Bud Beltrama of Stockton leads the Street Stock parade with fifteen quick trips through the clocks, and adds a season high mark of six dash wins to his records, but the major points go to Knittel as he gathers in nine main wins, and a record tying twenty-two main top five finishes to grab his second season title followed in the points by Beltrama, and North Highland driver Dan Dabbs. Jerry Crawford and Jerry Tripp, both of Stockton also grab their fair share of the numbers on the year.

Rookies for the year include Mike David in late model, Mike Nascimento in Grand Am, and Victor Machado of Escalon in Street Stock, while most improved status falls to Unger in late model, Tiwater in Grand Am, and Ron Chunn of Galt in Street Stock. After 49 seasons, the gender barrier is finally broken as Lavern Philpott of Tracy is given the Sports-woman of the year award.

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