back to back in the track's history. Top point runners on the season included Lester Reed of Stockton, Van Connett, Brazil, and Johnny Raymond, (left with the trophy girl), Giusti also collected the state title this year.


Jack McCoy, #23, of Modesto set a track record of 17.12 in a Dodge 6-cylinder this season and won his first of 51 future feature victories at 99 Speedway. He was; back at Stockton in 1996 with a reconstructed Dodge to come ever so close to breaking that record at an age when most men have trouble remembering where they left their glasses and ex-lax

George Silva,, #56, our ‘Racing Mailman' was back in the news, winning a destruction Derby in a 1940 Chrysler on July 29th and for the oldsters of today who always like to tell us 'youngsters' how they raced clean in their day, a story on August 5th., noted that Charlie Sanchez, #555, was found running 'methanol' and was stripped of his points and money for the night.

On August 19th., Brazil, #2, won a 200 lap event and come back the following week to score the big number of the year with a track record of 16.88.

Lou Cimpanelli of Escalon (who wins my award for the different ways the press spelled his name over the years) was driving one of the first 1937 Hudson Hornets at the track this season. (Right) is Gary Johnson, #11, Johnny Brazil #2, and Glenn Cheatham #5 in Friday night August 12, 1960 action.

Brazil was the heavy hitter this year with seven dash wins, thirteen main wins, twenty-three main top fives (a division all time record) and twenty-nine total wins. He took the championship over Chuck Allen, #22, Dick Ramsey, #62, of Ceres, Jack McCoy, and Glen Cheatham, #5. Brazil also nabbed the state crown for the season.

It looks like everyone got a trophy girl in 1960! Pictured in car #23 is Jack McCoy, car #2, Johnny Brazil, car #3 Les Reed, and car #22, Chuck Allen.


#2 Johnny Brazil, #17 Leonard Elliott and #62 Dick Ramsey in turn 2 at Stockton 99 Speedway June 3, 1960.


Here's a typical Friday Night Main event from May 20, 1960! Car #19 is Dick Klatt, Car 92 is Ellsworth Hain, Car # 5 is Glenn Cheatham, car #3 is Les Reed, Car #16 is Bill Carry, car #47 is Hughson's Joe Ruston, and car #2 is Manteca's Johnny Brazil.


June 10, 1960 finds #62 Dick Ramsey, #22 Chuck Allen, #12 J.C. Pace, #2 Johnny Brazil and car #23 Jack McCoy heating it up!!



George Smith, of Modesto and Ernie Herrera of Stockton both earned a wacky record of sorts this season as they drove head on into the north turn wall becoming the first drivers to punch a hole in the concrete retainer.

Although he will never forgive me for including this item, on June 30th., Current driver Roger Bentz of Lodi was a destruction Derby winner in a 1952 Hudson Hornet. Lets see.. Roger must have been about eight years old then...
Right is Danny Hacker, Trophy Dash winner, June 3, 1960.

The drivers went crazy in the speed department as Chuck Allen of Oakland, Brazil, Glen Cheatham of Modesto, and Charlie Sanchez #555, took turns breaking the track record on five occasions, with Sanchez coming out on top for the season and the division history book with a 16.04 posting on July 21st.

By this point in Stockton's history, the hardtop division had seen a total of 594 drivers in competition, with a season high in 1953 of 106, now falling to an average of


These 15 pictures are courtesy of the Sheldon Boone Collection.

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