10-6-01 Complete Pictures of 2001 Enduro Click Here!!!


Stockton 99 Speedway ended the 2001 season this week with the running of it’s eighth annual 250-lap Enduro Championship, featuring 125 laps of wet and soapy action in the reverse direction and 125 more exciting laps in the standard direction. The end results gave a first win to local 99 Speedway Pure Stock competitor Kannai Scantlen of Stockton.

Running in the reverse direction on the first green, the first lap lead fell to outside pole sitter David Papst Jr., of Stockton with Jeff McAnelly of Stockton in hot pursuit. By the 25th-lap count it was Sean Coker of Wheatland in charge followed by Gene Guinn of Chico. Michael Gust of Stockton was credited with the lead on the 100th-lap score count and held firm to take the red flag for the mid race break.

The final 125-lap segment was restarted with Gust followed by Guinn, Coker, and Scantlen, with Scantlen making a steady move to the front on lap-140. Scantlen kept up a smooth pace and avoided the spinning cars lap after lap to finally take the checkered a full lap ahead of the second place runner Guinn, with Ernie Thompson of Wheatland ending up third. 14 of 27 starters were still in action at the final checkered flag that made Scantlen a cool $1,000 richer on the night.

The night was ended with the popular Roll-over contest which was won by former Stockton Speedway Late Model pilot and current track Announcer ‘Wild’ Wayne Pierce of Stockton. Running a close second was Bill Clawson of Modesto. Erick Matson of Redding surrendered his Enduro car to Travis Holcomb of Redding, but the much heavier car was next to impossible to get the needed height to flip.

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