2002 Schedule           Patriotic ceremony opens Stockton 99's program 9/14/2002




Local Enduro driver, David Papst, Jr., of Stockton took no prisoners this Saturday as he drove his white #2 Camaro to the lead on lap-19 and never looked back through 250-laps of two-direction racing on a wet and soapy track, to collect the winner’s share of $1,000 in prize money from the $3,150 purse.

Mark Mahoney of Marysville led the first lap in the backward direction, quickly bowing to Jerry Swafford, (Left), of Stockton on lap-two. Swafford, #3x, held for one lap also before being passed by Doug Mangili of Stockton, with fellow Stockton pilot, Rich Harper, #05, moving to second. Mangili held tough until the final pass by Papst on the 18th-circuit.

Track Personal and pit crews added to the driver’s messy miseries by throwing pumpkins onto the track surface to add to the traction problems the racers already faced.

The only red flag of the first half, or indeed the entire event, fell on lap-103 as Kip Kitto, #69 of Stockton failed to make the turn into the infield pit area due to a flat tire. Kitto jumped from his car to aid his crew in changing the tire, leaving them all exposed to the oncoming traffic.

13 of the original 24 starters took the first half checkered in a time of 50 minutes, with Papst, #2, leading over Rick Bentz, #44, of Lodi, Harper, Frank North of Lodi, and Mangili.

14-cars were able to take the second half green for the non-red blast to the final checkered 45-minutes later, with Papst still in control and chased by Bentz, two laps down on the Official score cards. North held on for 3rd, followed by Harper, and Joe Addison, second half driver for the Mangili ride.

A special "Backwards" race took place with six of the top Enduro finishers driving by mirror and what little else they could see over their strapped in shoulders. Rick Bentz proved to have the best transmission and the best balance as he lapped the field in the ten-lap contest with Rich Harper coming home a distant second. Other contestants included Addision, Kitto, Kannai Scantlen of Stockton, and Allen Rider, also of Stockton. Bentz smiled brightly for the camera as he held the $426.00 first place prize money donated by Stockton Speedway’s generous fans.

The final event of the evening came in the form of the annual "Rollover" contest that pitted Stockton Track Announcer "Wild Wayne Pierce" and Track Scoreboard Operator "Daring Darrin Lamar," last year’s winners, attempting to defend their title against previous winner Jeremy Hammon of Stockton.

Hammond, #7, managed a full roll and another half roll in two of three possible attempts to take back his title of "King" of the rollovers. A. J. Rider of Stockton scored the second place points with two half rolls. Pierce and Lamar ending up 3rd

Followed by Brandon Bereahl of Lodi, and Benji Malloy, #53, who quickly found that a V. W. Beetle was less than up to the beating the ramp and hard track surface dished out. The major excitement took place when the Pierce/Lamar car landed on its roof and fire engulfed the engine area. Lamar got a bad dose of Fire powder and a hard knock on the helmet, but walked away from the scene to the care of A-One Ambulance workers.

Winners in each of the three major events were presented with Harvey Casino Tahoe trips for two from Delta Charter Inc. of Stockton, while additional trips for two to Jackson Rancheria in Jackson were given to local fans throughout the evening by Track Announcer Wayne Pierce. Last place Enduro finisher Ken Stearns, #16, also got a Tahoe trip for two for the "hard luck award" of the night. The drivers and fans have Stockton Chief Pit Stewart Ron Roach to thank for his diligent efforts to obtain the trips from the generous Delta Charter folks.

The Management of Stockton Speedway sincerely wishes to thank John Shipman from Ford Country Trucks of Ceres for the use of his water trucks after the original water providers declined to be involved.

Stockton Speedway now closes its gates for the 2002 season and already eagerly awaits the 2003 racing year and it’s loyal-die hard fans

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