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Rescino Wins Gerhardt Sprint Car 100-Lapper


STOCKTON, Calif. - Nick Rescino Jr. of San Francisco, Calif. won Sunday's 100-lap "Fred Gerhardt Open Wheel Classic" USAC Valvoline Western Sprint Car Series feature at the Stockton (Calif.) 99 Speedway.

Rescino trailed Jason McCord for the first 13 laps, then led the final 87 laps for the victory. Michael Trimble finished second ahead of McCord, with Jeff Gardner taking fourth and Shauna Hogg fifth.

Series point leaders Kody Swanson and Tony Hunt were the first two to retire from the 100-lap race, Swanson leaking oil and Hunt caught in a four-car tangle on the frontstretch.

Lewis Wire-to-Wire in "Gerhardt" Midget 100-Lapper


STOCKTON, Calif. - Michael Lewis of Noblesville, Ind. led wire-to-wire Sunday to win the abbreviated "Fred Gerhardt Open Wheel Classic" USAC Western Midget Car Series race at Stockton 99 Speedway. The race, scheduled for 100 laps, was halted after 99 due to a multi-car tangle.

Lewis piloted the Western Speed Racing CMXtreme.com/Wirtgen America Gerhardt/Esslinger and was followed in the finish by Brian Gard, Bobby Santos III, Jerome Rodela and Ben Petter.

Rodela's finish sliced Western Midget point leader Robby Flock's lead to 55 points as Flock finished 27th in Sunday's race. The series resumes Sept. 24 at the Orange Show Speedway in San Bernardino, Calif.

Stockton Focus 50-Lapper to Sasselli


STOCKTON, Calif. - Audra Sasselli (left) of Fresno, Calif. raced to her third USAC California Ford Focus victory of the year and fifth of her career in Sunday's "Fred Gerhardt Open Wheel Classic" at Stockton 99 Speedway.

Sasselli trailed Jace Meier for the first 25 laps prior to an intermission, then led the final 25 laps to post the win. Jenna Frazier,(right) Chris Veach, Robbie Whitchurch and Benny Moon trailed.



STOCKTON, SUNDAY, SEPT. 11 -- San Francisco's Nick Rescinio Jr. pulled of the win in the DuWayne Starr USAC Western Midgets 100-LAP classic. It was Rescinio Jr.'s first career USAC win.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight," said Rescinio Jr. of his win from victory circle.

Rescino Jr.  faced what was potentially a race ending dilemma in the first quarter of the race. At lap-20
he began to feel his suspension tightening up just when the track came under caution, he pulled into the
infield only to realize that his right rear tire was about 10-pounds low on air pressure. His father, crew
member Nick Rescinio Sr., discovered a hole in the tire and quickly grabbed a piece of spent rubber off
of the track, shoved it into the hole with a screwdriver, aired it up and sent the driver back onto the
track. The glue-less, makeshift patch held through to the checkered flag.

In addition to winning the Starr Classic, Rescinio Jr. currently leads the CASA league points standings and
the Nevada State championship points race.

Fresno's Audra Sasselli, (LEADING LEFT), taught more than just lessons in her high school English and economics classes
last week, the USAC Ford Focus Midget driver schooled the 13-car field on how to win a pavement race
at Stockton 99 Speedway. When the checkered flag flew she had earned her first pavement win of the
season and third Ford Focus race of the year.

"It felt good to win," said Sasselli, especially since I'm more of a pavement driver than anything else."

Sasselli won the race with a commanding 1/8th of a track lead, yet she didn't bank on anything until the

"There's never a time when you have anything in the bag," said Sasselli. "I didn't call it a win until after
the checkered."
The ladies of the field scored a 1-2 punch when Jenna Fraser #29 of Fairfield finished 2nd!!

The USAC Western Midgets added an exciting start to the 100-lap Fred Gerhardt Classic. For the wave
lap 33 cars passed the starting line, lined up 11-rows deep and three abreast. Six of the starters were
Ford Focus cars that peeled off the track just prior to the green, which saws 27 of the super-speedy midgets start the race.

Indiana's Michael Lewis found his half-way across country trip to be well worth it, as he led for 87 laps
up until his checkered-yellow win.

"I love racing out here with the western state guys," said Lewis. "To win the Fred Gerhardt Classic was awesome, especially considering that the Gerhardt's own my car."

Kevin Swindell of Cordova, Tn, (left) raced aggressively and was penalized for it, as well as confronted by Tony Hunt after the event.

This Saturday, Sept. 17 the NASCAR DODGE Weekly Series 2005 season will conclude with the 100-lap
HAVOLINE Western Late Model, double-points title race, and championship races in the Grand American
Modified and Pro-4 Trucks division. Adding to the excitement will be a GIANT school bus destruction
derby and the annual powder puff race.

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