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Subject: Vets

The following email was sent to me and I thought I would share it with you all.
This was sent to the EB-66 Association by a former jet driver and Vietnam
POW [A.J. Meyers] who relates his encounter with a group of idiots from
Academia USA.

I recently arrived in Moscow, Idaho (Home of Idaho University) and went to
dinner at Best Western about a block from the college campus. About 85-100
people were in the Restaurant. I'm at a table for about 5 minutes when
this "Group" comes in (20 people). They have Anti-War Picket Signs with
them. It appears that two of these demonstrators are Professors.
They all sit at a large round table behind me and begin to talk very
loudly about US atrocities in Afghanistan. One of the "Professors" stands
up and gives a brief talk about how the "US is famous for atrocities" and
Afghanistan will be no different.  One of the students asked a question about
Vietnam POW's. The "Professor" makes a comment about how that was only
US propaganda about poor treatment of POW's.

OK - I'm really mad now and I jump up and go over to their table. (In
retrospect - Over the entrance to the restaurant is a huge American Flag.
On each table is an American Flag and a small hand painted sign "United
We Stand")

I excuse myself and ask the Professor if I can ask him a question. He says
yes.  I said that he appears to be of age to have served in Vietnam, and
asked him if he had served. His answer was, "NO - I defended this Campus
and told the truth to the students."

I then asked if he remembered what he was doing on February 16, 1969.
When he answered, "Of course not - that was too long ago," I responded,
"Really? I remember what I was doing. That was the second day of my
capture and I had been standing in a bamboo cage for 24 hours with water
up to my chest."

I then said "Sir, your comments about how POW's in Nam were treated are
a lie and I personally say to you, you are a liar, as you never were there.
I was a POW and they did not treat our POWs humanly. The only other
person I have ever heard make the statements like you have is Jane Fonda.
Is she telling the truth and not me?"

He stood up and after about 10 seconds said, "Jane is a great patriot and
I cannot visualize her lying."  With that, I reached over and grabbed the
small American Flag and United We Stand sign and said, "I'm taking
this back to my table where it can be appreciated."

No one said a word to me as I started to walk back. However after a few
seconds, people started standing up and applauding all around the
restaurant. Two men got up from a table across the room and walked
over to me. The first identified himself as former US Marine Lieutenant
Flynn and the other man was former Gunnery Sergeant Graboski.

In a loud voice after introducing themselves, Lt. Flynn said they were
former Marine Guards at a US Embassy.  He then said, "We are over at t
his table to defend the US Flag from all foes, both foreign and domestic."
They then sat down and asked their waitress to bring their meals over to
my table.

A few more minutes went by with loud comments from the "Anti-War"
table.  All of a sudden, Gunny Sergeant Graboski stood up and in a loud
voice said, "All of you heard what the President said the other night.
You are either with the United States or you are with the terrorists."
He then said, "Please stand and join me in "God Bless America.'"

As he started singing, people all around the restaurant stood up and
joined in.  Several of the students at the "Anti-War" table also stood up
half way through the song and joined in.  Both Professors and the majority
of the students remained seated and refused to sing. At the end there was
a great ovation.

The manager came up to my table. (He and his staff came out from the
kitchen and sang.) He thanked me for what I started and then went over to
the Anti-War table and asked them to leave. "I will pay for what you have
had so far but I cannot in good conscience serve you. Get out now!!
One of the Professors then made a remark "Well, we are not going to
pay one dime for how shabbily we have been treated."
As they were leaving, one customer stood up and said, "Manager, here
is $5 towards their bill. Anyone else willing to chip in to get this scum
out of here?"  All over the restaurant, people stood up reaching for their
wallet and saying, "I'll chip in"
The Manager, in tears said, "My family is from Poland, I am now a citizen
and am so proud of what I see tonight." He started crying and a couple of
the waitresses helped him into the kitchen.

The two Marines and I were there for about another 20 minutes and
finished our meal. The hostess came up and showed us more than $100
dollars that all the other tables had told their waitresses to give towards
our bill.

I thanked her but said I could not take the money.  Lt Flynn suggested
donating it in the restaurant's name to the New York Relief Fund, so I
guess that's what will happen.

I just can't believe how Americans are coming together now. Just thought
you would like to hear how the rest of the country is reacting to what
Semper Fi!

God Bless America

A slight contrast to Slick Willie.... Forwarded information from a USAF LTC at the Pentagon __________________________________________________________________ I just witnessed something I don't think I'll ever forget. I was down near the cafeteria in the Pentagon meeting a friend for lunch and I see a very large crowd of people inside. I walk in and soon find myself standing less than three feet away from our Commander-in-Chief and right beside the Secretary of Defense (and a bunch of Secret Service folks). President Bush was walking around shaking hands and thanking all of us for what we do. He kept saying to people "Don't Worry"-as if to say, I've got it under control. He must have shaken 1000 hands or more. What particularly struck me was his presence - not a particularly large man in stature, but he had an aura of a giant - a smile on his face, yet you can sense he was a man on a mission - a man of purpose and conviction - there was just this feeling that he is THE MAN, and he is in charge - he had a quiet confidence that was deafening! Then, a group of folks just behind me started singing God Bless America and, in no time, the entire room - which was packed - was singing the song. It was enough to give anyone goose bumps. If there was a dry eye in the place, I couldn't see it (probably because my eyes weren't too dry). It was just one of those once in a life time experiences that I shall never forget. After God Bless America, there were a few chants of "USA - USA-USA," followed by a lot of applause. When President Bush finally made his way toward the entrance, he turned with his confident smile and waved at everyone, and the room just erupted in cheers and whistles and applause. I've been to professional football games where the noise wasn't that loud. It was just such a wonderful experience - and it made me: 1) So very happy that George W. Bush is our president and Commander-in-Chief. 2) So proud to be an American.

Just thought I'd share. Rick Lt. Col Rick Jones HQ USAF/ILMY


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