99 Speedway has been blessed with many hard working employees, fiercely competitive teams, great drivers plus our loyal fans. We'd like to honor them all on this page.


            Michael Eugene Carr

Donnalee McCann

Ron Strmiska Sr.

Russell Johnson

Gerald "Jerry" Short

David Gould

Tom E. Dahl

Orville Dahl

Ron Roach

Sue Tice

"JD" Jennings D. Gentry (1929-2009)

Kenneth (Ken) Ray Ratcliff

Earl "Joe" Johansen

Jack McCoy (1937-2009)

Arlene V. "Stuffy" Stacy

Ted F. Fritz

Dennis Bender

Steven Bryant

Bill France 1933-2007

Bill France Life in Pictures

Bob Barkhimer

Robert Griffitts

Jeff Anthony

Lisa Hunefeld

Michelle Allison (Clapp) Gross

J. D. Moore

Stephen "Steve" Enos

Greg A. Williams Tribute

John Unger Pictures and Tribute

Jim Shiels Memorial

Duane Borovec Tribute

Steve "Rosebud" Riley Tribute

Jim Matthews Record Tribute

Opal Pierce Tribute

Stamati Gaglias Tribute

Larry Brazil Tribute

Ronald Zampa Tribute

Anna Nabors Tribute

Chuck Ellis Tribute

Donald Atkinson Tribute

Marjorie M. Shafer Tribute

Christopher Crawford Tribute

Bette Melton Tribute

Richard Evan McCann Tribute

Bert Moreland Tribute

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